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La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks
Tour Overview:

Tour Overview:

This popular 1.5 hour tour is perfect for everyone! Our guides expertly blend the fun and excitement of kayaking with the enjoyment of our natural environment.

Our adventure occurs within a marine ecological reserve that contains five distinct marine environments in less than 2 square miles making it one of the most unique stretches of coastline in California! Sandy beach, rocky shallows, steep cliffs, kelp forests, and deep water canyons all host their own flora and fauna and all meet right here!

Sea lions and pelicans bask on the rocks; cormorants nest on the cliff faces; giant bat rays ply the deep; brightly colored garibaldi seek shelter in the rocky shallows; schools of timid leopard sharks and rays feed in the sandy bottoms; and harbor seals eye us curiously from the kelp forests. While our ultimate destination is the magnificent sea caves that the ocean has carved from ancient cliffs, the true beauty of the area is all around the caves. Please don't have your heart set on entering the caves as this is not always safe to do and cannot be guaranteed at any time. Instead, open your eyes to the details around you and you will never be disappointed!

We use stable sit-on-top kayaks that are very user friendly and no previous experience is required.

Please note, you WILL get wet! This is part of the fun if you're prepared!

Participant Requirements:

Participant Requirements:

Kayaking is fun and easy! Almost anybody in reasonable health can enjoy kayaking. If you have doubts about your ability to participate, ask you doctor or give us a call.

We are often able to accommodate people with disabilities.

Our minimum age requirement is 6 years. Children under 12 must be on a tandem kayak with a parent or guardian.

Children under 18 must be able to swim and adults must be comfortable floating in a PFD (life jacket) in deep water.

PFD's must be worn at all times.

What to Expect:

What to Expect:

Be prepared to get wet!

We launch through small surf and paddle 1-2 miles. You will exert about as much effort as walking the same distance. If you paddle a two person kayak, you will share some of the effort.

We will meet at our La Jolla Shores shop where you will check in, sign waivers (no one will be permitted on the tour without signing our liability waiver), and change clothes if needed. There are restrooms at our shop. We will outfit you with a life jacket, paddle, and helmet. If you would like a wetsuit, we have those available as well. There are secure facilities to leave your personal belongings in our shop during your tour.

After a brief introduction, you will walk with your guide(s) 3 blocks to the beach where your kayak will be waiting. There you will have a brief paddle instruction and safety talk before launching.

Free parking is available on the side streets around the shop. The spots marked “90 minutes” on Avenida de la Playa do not allow enough time.

Private Tour Package

Subject to availability, please call us (no online booking).

Do you want your own private tour for a special group or event? Simply book any 5 kayaks and your group will have a personal guide all to yourselves. Have a bigger group? Book 10 kayaks for a private tour for up to 20 people.

Add a professional photographer to your tour for just $150 and download your pictures a few days later!



Reservations are strongly suggested.

Many tours are fully booked in advance, especially on weekends. Call (858) 454-0111 or use our online service for availability and to make reservations. Online reservations are not accepted for tours within 12 hours, so please call if you are interested in a 'last minute' outing.

You will be asked for a credit card number to book your tour. To obtain a full refund, tours must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your reservation time. There will be no refund given if cancelled on the day of your tour.

(858) 454-0111

(858) 454-0111

Tour Prices

Weight Limit
Peak Pricing
Single - 1 person
< 250 lbs
Single - 1 person
< 375 lbs
Tandem - 2 person
< 450 lbs

Non-peak discounts: 10% to 40% off

Click on a date and tour time to see pricing and discounts.

Prices subject to change without notice.

What is Provided:

What is Provided:

  • kayaks (single person or tandems)
  • seats
  • paddle
  • PFD (life jacket)
  • helmet for cave exploration
  • guide
  • Wet suit rentals are available for $10 and are recommended during fall, winter, and spring.
What to Bring and Wear:

What to Bring and Wear:

  • shoes that can get wet (sport sandals, tennis shoes, 'river shoes' or flip flops)
  • bathing suit and/or quick-dry shorts/shirt and rash guard (spandex & nylon or polyester T-shirt)
  • hat
  • water
  • sun screen (available for purchase at our shop)
  • If you wear glasses, it is VERY IMPORTANT to have a retainer strap! You can purchase these at our store.
  • Cotton clothing is discouraged (it is heavy and cold when wet) and jeans are never permitted.
  • You can leave a towel and dry clothes at our shop along with anything that can't get wet such as cell phones, pagers, electronic car keys, non-waterproof watches, and non-waterproof cameras. PLEASE be sure to leave them with us for safe keeping or purchase a waterproof container for them at our shop.
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